Tangerine Lotus


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Reminiscent of clear tropical waters, the blue & green gemstones in this bundle support and activate the heart and throat chakras. Made with sacred rudraksha seeds this bundle may help you attract abundance and keep your mind focused and open.

▼Green Aventurine: luck & prosperity
▼Amazonite: emotional harmony
▼Turquoise: wisdom & protection
▼Lapis Lazuli: truth & honesty
▼Clear Quartz: mental clarity & intuition


Mala Necklace
▼8 mm gemstone and rudraksha beads
▼Hand-knotted on aqua silk thre;ad
▼Clear Quartz crystal guru bead.0.5" (1.3 cm)
▼Aqua cotton tassel: 2.25" (5.7 cm)
▼Total length: 41" (104 cm) approx
▼Hangs at the belly button for the average adult

Mala Bracelet
▼8 mm gemstone & rudraksha beads
▼Hand-strung on strong elastic cord
▼Size: bracelets are 7.25" in circumference and fit most Small/Medium wrists

    Every mala is special & unique made from natural gemstones (crystals) with variations adding to their beauty. All pieces are cleansed and charged before being sent to you. Please exercise caution when using crystals as a method of natural healing - use at your own discretion. Malas should always be stored flat and taken off before strenuous activity and sleep.  We recommend re-charging your pieces periodically. Please see Jewelry Care & Cleansing your Crystals for more information.