Tangerine Lotus


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Mantra: I have strong instincts from my intuition and trust that my higher self knows the right path for me. I listen to my psychic abilities and have a powerful connection with my own inner vision.

▼ AAA Flashy Labradorite: intuition, inward journey, knowing oneself, and psychic ability
▼ Natural rudraksha: energy balance & mental clarity

▼8 mm natural stone & rudraksha beads
▼Hand-strung on strong elastic cord
▼Size: All bracelets are 7.25" in circumference and fit most Small/Medium wrist

Every mala is special & unique made from natural gemstones (crystals) with variations adding to their beauty. All pieces are cleansed and charged before being sent to you. Please exercise caution when using crystals as a method of natural healing - use at your own discretion. Malas should always be stored flat and taken off before strenuous activity and sleep.  We recommend re-charging your pieces periodically. Please see Jewelry Care & Cleansing your Crystals for more information.

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